After the Gold Rush

Act I: This Nations Saving Grace, Session 1

As the first act opens, we are introduced to the Justiciar’s Order within the Tower of Babel. This elite group of soldiers celebrate their 100th year anniversary on this day, and along with it, the 10th anniversary of First, a Redcap Justiciar. As the night drags on, First begins to unearth his memories, in a sort of time capsule unveiling of memories gone to pass.

First recalls his first day in the Order as an initiate, and remembers a speech given to them by Sergeant Golbez; a flamboyant and discolored Deva who is the head trainer for Justiciar interrogators. The second memory is that of First’s experience in his first field mission, along with his mentor Bella Wood. This memory shows our protagonist, killing a Kalashtar child and her father, along with the shop keeper who kept them safe. Lastly, the flashbacks end in the graduation dinner at in the Justiciar’s order, where General Argus Kos congratulates them on their experience.

In present time, we meet First and Asora; the latter being a man of mysterious origin in Babel for personal reasons.It is said that he is here because he has been called by Argus Kos to perform some sort of particular mission, though it’s not clear what. The two meet at a crime scene, where a candidate for the seat of the Simic Combine guild leader has been murdered. Several suggestions have been made for the origin of death; the most interesting theories including magic use, use of psionics, or the use of a pressurized air gun. At the end of the investigation, the leading officer in charge of the investigation sends First and Asora back home for a night’s rest, and in the morning, they will embark on tracking down the criminal responsible for this crime.



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