After the Gold Rush

Act II: Incident at Selsyna, Session 2

In this second installment, we are introduced to a new character in the story. Heskan; a Viashino fighter in the city to find steady work. In the middle of a town square in the City of Brass, Heskan spots some youth interrogating a younger child. When one of the older ones pulls out a blade, Heskan intervenes. After a brief brawl, and the firing of three bullets, Heskan is arrested by a local officer, who happens to be the father of the hostile child. Before Heskan can be taken into custody, he is knocked unconscious by a stun sniper, and all goes into a black-out.

The second character introduced in this section is Koekje, a mysterious, yet brightly optimistic woman in Babel for leisure. She leaves the Selesyna Lofts to meet a hired contact (Asora), who seems to have forgotten his obligations. Before the group can leave, they meet up with First as he leaves the Legion Forge to embark on his investigations. Before the group can leave together, they are interrupted by a young soldier, informing First that he has been called out to Virgil in order to help deal with an emergency situation. Asora, who is believed to also be working for the Legion Forge, is asked to assist Fist, and unintentionally, Koekje is brought along for the journey.

The party travels by train as they speed through the outer deserts of Babel. Hours pass, until they rich the city of Virgil. Entering a fortified train station, they unload and meet a Kithkin military leader, who informs them that some sort of “magic using creature” is attacking the city. The end of the sessions leaves on an ominous note; three torn-up bodies, tossed at the feet of the players from several yards away…



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