After the Gold Rush

Act II: Incident at Selsyna, Session 3

The strange creature attacking the city reveals itself to the party. A tall, humanoid like creature with a foreboding smirk scribbled across his face. The soldiers accompanying the party are dismembered quickly by the creatures shifting limbs, while it avoids seemingly all damage inflicted upon him. The battle continues on, as the creature takes up the bodies it slain as literal puppets; using them to attack the other players. Right before all the bodies are cut down, an armored law enforcement vehicle speeds by, with a soldier firing randomly at the strange creature. The vehicle is destroyed, and it runs into the side of a building, revealing a detained Heskan, brought to Virgil for questioning on his committed “crime”. Heskan joins the fray and helps cut down the last corpse. Before the morphing creature can finally tear the players bodies to mere scraps of tendrils and flank; a well placed bullet from an unknown source skims across the creature’s shoulder. Though the damage seems to be dwarf-like, the creature cries out in a childish manner, and flees from the battle scene.



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