The humans are the single most common race in Isperia. Their origins come from the southern coast of Isperia, where refugee Espers and Aasimar were free of social bonds and were now able to integrate. The offspring of these two people became the humans. The liberal society in which humans were born from lead to their free roaming and adventurous nature. Much of the middle land of Isperia was first discovered by humans, who dispersed across all corners of the continent, integrating with all types of cultures and communities. Due to their short lives, most humans have a natural urge to move and change. This makes the culture of humans very diverse.

Early History

The humans first began to spring up around around the newly formed settlements along the southern coast of Isperia. This land was colonized by various Espers and Aasimar from the islands of Andrial, who left behind a socially constricted world in search of new freedoms. One of these freedoms sought, was the freedom to intermarry between the Espers and Aasimar. Their offspring became known as humans; a name given by Aasimar of the Andrial kingdom, which in their language, translates as a mix between two Aasimar words hume, and, anzs (the words for blood and cursed).

Due to this mixed blood, the humans found their lives to be relatively shorter than that of Aasimar and Esper lives. A restlessness grew in the community of humans, as more and more began to migrate north and east along the coast to seek adventure and new places. The old ways of the stoic and slowly considerate Aasimar and Espers was coming to an end. The mixed world of the Humans, Espers, and Aasimars came to an end during a period known as The Retrieval of the Divine Blood, where royal Aasimar in Andrial issued soldiers to attack the coasts of Isperia, bringing back to Andrial with them Aasimar, who were to be used to combat a growing disgruntled Esper society, which had at the time made the Aasimar of Andrial the minority race. In fear that their rule would be overthrown, and their blood line ended, the Aasimar leaders called for a return of all Aasimar to their home land, to carry out the wishes of Salzar, the Aasimar god. Many Aasimar were either taken as prisoners, or, executed, sharply reducing their population in Isperia. Eventually, the entire Isperian Aasimar population died out, leaving only the Espers and Humans.

A new era for the Humans was ushered in as they met the Kithkin of the northern plains. The Kithkin were ingenious inventors, and their advances in architecture, engineering, science, and mathematics was adopted by the Humans.


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