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The World Isperia

“After the Gold Rush” is set on the continent of Isperia. Though the land was once comprised of various terrain, all of which fertile for humanoid creatures, it has fallen into a state of almost apocalyptic proportions. The Sundering, a name given to the process the devastated Isperia, found the continent turning into little more then a dry, desert, waste land. Though there are some healthy bits of land located to the far south, the majority of the continent is made up of sun scorched deserts, rocky terrain, tundras to the north, a disease ridden swamps to the north east.

A World Before The Sundering

Before the Sundering, the inhabitants of Isperia lived in an isolationist state, only trading due to necessities and often not out of pleasure. The Humans traveled the southern plains near the Kithkin, the Elfs secluded themselves in the eastern woodlands, the dwarves inhabited the snowy northern mountains, the Orks took the western rocky lands, as all other groups clashed and assimilated each others culture in mixed communities dotted across Isperia. These times were quite hostile, as noted by scholar Alexander Vanhorm, who once said “If there is one thing The Sundering solved, it was the paradox of there being more wars waged then people to fight them.

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